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GAS, Global Analyser Solutions, is specialised in turnkey products for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets.  A comprehensive range of standardised analysers is offered, like RGA, NGA, DHA, Simdist and PIONA. On-line analysers are provided for fast monitoring of chemical processes like catalyst screening and reactor analysis. GAS also offers solutions for ambient air monitoring like VOC analysers and Sift-MS. GAS analysers are based on GC and GCMS.


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GAS offers a comprehensive selection of training courses derived from years of customer field experience and working in close partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers, research organisations and universities. We can help you optimise the use of your products and achieve your professional development goals.


Courses typically cover basic operation theory, proper operation and routine user-level service of the product. Calibration and set-up are also included if either is a part of the product’s operation. Handbooks, training manuals and quick-reference guides are provided. Courses can be organised in the Interscience / GAS offices, or can be held on user site.

 GAS aims for customer satisfaction. Providing not only the hardware but also a complete portfolio of services like method development, validation, application support and organising product trainings, masterclasses and workshops.
Delivering you a constant high level of service is our highest priority. Supplying you with valuable information about useful applications for our analysers, an excellent helpdesk and skilled service engineers guarantee problem-free operation of your analyser.

GAS is the unique brand of Interscience for its turnkey products for the Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets.

Interscience is founded in 1975 and holds a leading market position in the field of Chromatography in the Benelux countries. It is privately owned, ISO9001:2015 accredited, and currently employs over 80 employees, based in offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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IS-X is the Interscience Xpert centre for advice, consultancy, testing and training on any matter concerning GC & GC-MS. Please contact us for our services. 

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SampleQ is the Interscience brand for designing, developing and implementing fully automated solutions for sample preparations in laboratories all over the world. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and goals.


GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets