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CompactGC4.0 is used for a wide range of applications, in various market areas. A selecton is shown by the chromatograms below. You can also download the CompactGC4.0 brochure for more application examples.


Permanent gases

Permanent gases and light hydrocarbons

Aromatic components using build-in trap

Beer analysis

Ar, O2 and N2 in H2 (ppb level)

3 hydrocarbons in only 2 seconds (3 injections)

permanent gases (CO and CO2 on a single micropacked column)

Refinery gas: C6+ (peak 13) and C1-C5 (peak 3 to 32) in 200 seconds

BTEX at low ppb level, using CompactGC equipped with PID (photo ionisation detector). The sample is injected directly onto the column, without pre-concentration. In this case, a run to run time of only 60 seconds is needed. The chromatogram shows BTEX at 100 ppb level; the detection limit is around 5 ppb, depending on the component. In combination with the optional pre-concentration trap, ppt levels are analysed.

The CompactGC equipped with PID (Photo Ionisation Detector) analyses Ethylene in greenhouses down to 10 ppb.The chromatogram below shows the analysis of 42 ppb Ethylene in Fluegas in less than 30 seconds.


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