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Powerful calculation packages inside Chromeleon

GAS analysers are available with Chromeleon and OpenLab chromatography data systems. In case of Chromeleon, powerful calculation modules for calorific value calculation, DHA and Simdist are implemented and therefore part of the data system. Compared to external calculation software, the following advantages are obvious:

  • – Very transparent workflow for the user: easy operation & minimum risk on errors
  • – No data file export needed, minimising risk on errors
  • – Flexible: specific calculations can easily be added   

Chromeleon Triple Workflow: FID/MS/DHA

Chromeleon provides simultaneous FID and mass spectrometer data handling in a single window. Quantitation and DHA reporting are based on FID (as required by the standardised methods), while mass spectra offer great improvement in component identification, and therefore highly reliable results. For best ease of use, MS and FID chromatograms are exactly aligned, see the example. Since DHA calculations are integrated in Chromeleon, a reliable and user-friendly ‘triple’ workflow -FID/MS/DHA- is offered by GAS.          


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