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Analysing complex samples and combining standardised methods

GAS analysers are based on Thermo Trace 1300 GC and GAS CompactGC4.0. Both GC platforms offer up to 4 independent analysis channels; each channel has its own detector. A large number of components at different concentration levels are analysed simultaneous in this way. Available detectors are FID, TCD, PDD, PFPD, FPD, NPD, ECD, PED, Quadrupole MS, TOF MS, Triplequad MS, Orbitrap and Syft MS.

Besides analysing complex samples, different standardised methods can be combined in a single instrument, offering high value for money and efficient use of laboratory bench space. Some examples are:

  • Refinery Gas Analyser + Low Sulphur Analyser using FPD or PFPD
  • Permanent Gas Analyser +  High Purity Analyser using PDD 
  • ASTM D4815 + D5580 + D3606
  • DHA + Low level oxygenates using FID and mass spectrometer


GC1600XXL 600×400


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