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Diaphragm valves: robust, reliable and extreme leak tight

GAS analysers are equipped with rotary or diaphragm valves, depending on sample conditions and type of application.  Diaphragm valves are often preferred for their long life time and leak tight properties:

  • Diaphragm valves offer largely extended lifetime. Thanks to the principle of operation, wear is reduced enormously compared to rotary valves. Especially in case of short run time applications using frequent valve switching, the difference is evident. Diaphragm valves therefore reduce down-time and maintenance costs.
  • GAS analysers use diaphragm valves with internal purge option. With this feature, a continuous inert atmosphere is created around the flowpath, which eliminates permeation, diffusion and inboard/outboard contamination. All detectors benefit from this feature, and especially when a high sensitive detector like Pulsed Discharge Detector is used the advantages become clear: improved baseline stability and increased sensitivity.



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