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CompactGC4.0 delivers results in seconds. Cycle time is equal to runtime; no additional flush or conditioning is needed. Isothermal and programmable column ovens are available with heating rate up to 500oC/min.


CompactGC4.0 is easy and user-friendly. Instrument control is conveniently integrated in Chromeleon or Openlab/EZChrom chromatography data systems.

Exchangeable columns

CompactGC4.0 uses standard available columns, which can be replaced by the user in minutes, using finger-tight couplings. High flexibility and low operational costs are provided in this way. Capillary, wide-bore and packed columns can be installed.


CompactGC4.0 offers up to 4 independent analysis channels, with a range of detectors: TCD, FID, PDD, PFPD, PID, PED and MS.  Several options are available, like:

• Backflush option for protecting the analysis column from high boiling components and shortening analysis time
• Stream selection valve for analysing multiple sample streams
• Sampling from a small volume at low pressure, by creating a vacuum in the sample path first
• 4-20 mA analogue outputs

Thanks to the 19″ standard enclosure, several CompactGC’s can be placed in a cabinet combined with with other analytical equipment or a dynamic calibrator unit.

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