Fumigants in container air

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The Syft Voice 200 provides:

    • An integrated, turnkey system for sample collection and analysis, container venting, and reporting
    • Analysis of internal airspace without opening the container door or breaking security seals .
    • Real-time identification and quantitation of potentially dangerous chemicals commonly found in container airspace, including:

Sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane)
Methyl bromide
Ethylene dibromide
Hydrogen cyanide



GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets

Fumigants in container air

Contact GAS for a fast and robust instrument for the detection of fumigants in shipping containers.  GAS is a supplier of reliable analyser solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets and provides Syft-MS for fast ppb detection of fumigants. Syft-MS is widely acknowledged as the standard for container air analysis and detects fumigants easily on location, using a simple ‘push-button’ operation.

Syft instrument for easy detection of fumigants

Shipping container airspaces often carry chemical vapours -fumigants- with potentialy risk for the environment. A Syft instrument is the preffered solution for detecting these fumigants. This instrument provides real-time analysis and reporting. The analysis of shipping containers airspace can take place without opening the container door or breaking the security seals. Syft-MS contributes to a safe working environment by fast, easy and robust detection of chemical vapours. 

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