An accurate Volatile Organic Components (VOC) analyser

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VOC analyser

Air pollution


  • Very sensitive : ppt/ppb levels
  • Compact 19″ design
  • FID, TCD, PDD, PFPD, MS detection
  • Many applications: VOC, BTEX, low Sulphur, etc.
  • Electrically cooled trap: cryogene-free focussing
  • Temperature programmed analysis: wide boiling point range


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An accurate Volatile Organic Components (VOC) analyser

Are you looking for a company that can deliver a volatile organic components (VOC) analyser? Then you are looking for GAS. GAS is a supplier of reliable analyser solutions for the energy, petrochemical, chemical and environmental markets. We can provide companies in these fields with a variety of analysers, such as a volatile organic components (VOC) analyser. Besides that, we offer services such as technical training, (product) courses, application support and demolabs. If you need a VOC analyser or any other analyser, please contact us. We provide you with the solution you need.

Volatile Organic Components (VOC) analyser: the application

Volatile components are present in nearly every atmosphere. Many of them are toxic,

and have strict limit levels. Others may cause inconvenience due to low odour threshold levels. Thermal desorption (TD) is the technique of choice for air monitoring. It is an invaluable tool when sample enhancement is needed to reach the very low detection levels required. VOC (Volatile Organic Components) analysers are used for the detection of concentrations of hydrocarbons in gas or liquid. These analysers can be used to detect alkanes, isoalkanes, benzene, ethane, among others. Volatile Organic Components (VOC) analysers use different detection methods for collecting samples of VOC and submitting them for analysis.

Improving your benzene toluene (BTX / BTEX) analyser workflow and results

The benzene toluene (BTX / BTEX) petro analyser can screen large numbers of gasoline samples like spark-ignition fuels and jet fuels, providing fast and precise hydrocarbon characterisation. The benzene toluene (BTX / BTEX) analyser method offers a number of advantages over the often-used multidimensional method (like ASTM D6839). The single column analyser delivers full PIONA analysis, it has very stable performance, high uptimes and low operational costs compared to the multi-dimensional method. It also features an easy method for setup and straightforward maintenance. The benzene toluene (BTX / BTEX) method ASTM D8267 is the only replacement for ASTM D1319 (Jetfuel analysis), which suffers from a dye-crisis.

Where to purchase our benzene toluene BTX / BTEX analyser

Do you want to buy a benzene toluene BTX / BTEX analyser? Then browse our products and request a quote. Our volatile organic components analyser (VOC) products are available through GAS appointed dealers. Please visit our dealer page or call us at +31(0)765 411 800. Our employees will be happy to help you find the equipment you need.