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VOC analyser


  • Very sensitive : ppt/ppb levels
  • Compact 19″ design
  • FID, TCD, PDD, PFPD, MS detection
  • Many applications: VOC, BTEX, low Sulphur, etc.
  • Electrically cooled trap: cryogene-free focussing
  • Temperature programmed analysis: wide boiling point range


GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets

VOC analyser

GAS is a supplier of reliable solutions for the Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets and provides companies in these sectors with a variety of analysers, such as a VOC analyser. We offer services like technical training courses and application support.  If you need a VOC analyser or one of our other solutions, please contact us.

VOC analyser: the application

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) analysers are used for the detection of a variety of volatile components  in air or other gases.  Low detection levels are achieved by pre-concentration of a high sample volume using a Peltier cooled trap, followed by rapid heating to release the components of interest to the analysis column. The VOC analyser is available with several detectors like FID, PID, PDD, PFPD and mass spectrometers. A wide boiling point range is covered due to the use of multi-bed traps and a temperature programmed analysis.

Aim for customer satisfaction

GAS aims for customer satisfaction. Our priority is delivering analysers of highest quality and providing high level of service. For more information about our VOC analysers or other products and services, please contact us.