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  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis
  • Meets ASTM D5134, D6729, D6730, D6733, D7900, IP 601, Fast DHA, DHA Front End
  • User friendly integration of DHA calculations in Chromatography Data System
  • Flexible modular Instant Connect injector and detector
  • MS option for improved identification
  • Crude Oil analyser merges data of DHA Front End and HT Simdist


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Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyser (DHA)

GAS offers detailed hydrocarbon analysers (DHA) in various configurations. The user-friendly software delivers a very transparent workflow and detailed reporting of composition and physical properties of your sample. Several options from the Thermo Trace 1300 GC are available, like the Instant Connect injector and detector technology, cryo cooling and automated liquid injection. Parallel MS-FID detection is available for highly improved identification.

Merge data of your Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyser (DHA) and Simdist analyser for crude oil samples

The GAS Crude Oil analyser according to ASTM D7900 offers accurate boiling point distribution data for crude oil samples. The analyser provides improved results compared to ASTM D7500 and D7169. The results of the detailed hydrocarbon analyser (DHA) front end and high-temperature Simdist are combined in one TBP (True Boiling Point) report for highly accurate results. With Chromeleon software and integrated TPB calculation, complex workflows are made easy for the end user. Also take a look at our ammonia analyser.

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