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Biogas analysers

At GAS we offer high-quality analytical equipment, like our easy to operate and fully automated biogas analyser. Our biogas analyser is available on Thermo Trace GC 1300 and CompactGC, in different configurations, from single valve/detector instruments to comprehensive multichannel analysers. The systemconfiguration depends on components of interest, required accuracy and analysis time. Our analysers comply with standardised methods for natural gas analysis like GPA (2261, 2177, 2186, 2286), ISO (6974, 6975), ASTM (D1945, D1946, D6228) and others. Curious what over 40 years of experience looks like? Look for a dealer in your area to find out all you need to know about our biogas analyser.

Our biogas analyser is fast, robust, and versatile

GAS provides high-quality analysing equipment, like our biogas analyser. At GAS we aim for customer satisfaction. Providing not only the hardware, but also a complete portfolio of services like technical training, application support, demolab and trainingcourses. Delivering a constant high level of service is our highest priority. Supplying valuable information about useful applications for our analysers, an excellent helpdesk and skilled service engineers guarantees problem-free operation of your analyser. Our products are available through local Thermo sales offices or through Interscience appointed dealers. To locate your dealer please visit our dealer page.

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GAS is the unique branding Interscience uses for its turnkey products for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets. It is based upon close cooperation with Thermo Scientific, acting as its Preferred Solution Partner in this field. If you have any questions about us or our products and services, please call us at: +31(0)765 411 800.