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Arsine & phosphine in ethylene & propylene 

Arsine & phoshine in ethylene & propylene


  • Analysis of arsine & phosphine in ethylene and propylene
  • Detection limit below 1 ppb
  • Using quadrupole GC-MS with ultrasensitive AEI source
  • H2S and COS can be analysed simultaneously
  • For gas samples and LPG samples
  • Automatic calibration using ACU with permeation tubes


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Arsine and phosphine in ethylene and propylene

The GAS arsine & phosphine in ethylene and propylene analyser is suitable for selective detection of very low concentration levels in various hydrocarbon samples. For more information about this analyser based on quadrupole MS detection, please download the application note. If you wish to speak with one of our employees, just give us a call.

Choose the arsine and phosphine analyser from GAS

Analysis of arsine & phosphine below 1 ppb concentration level requires maximal effort of your analyser. The low detection limit that is offered by the ISQ 7000 GC-MS is driven down further by using the AEI (Advanced Election Impact) source. Arsine and phosphine easily adsorb to many materials; for this reason we use Restek Sulfinert®  treated parts to achieve a fully inert sample path. A capillary column with extreme separation power is used to separate the components of interest from the sample matrix. The GAS arsine & phosphine analyser based on GC-MS has an excellent reputation for this type of analysis, offering great sensitivity, selectivity and robustness. This instrument is also suitable for analysing H2S, COS and other volatile sulphur components simultaneously. At GAS we aim for customer satisfaction. Providing not only the hardware, such as low sulphur and biogas analysers, but also a complete portfolio of services like; technical training, application support, demolab and training/courses.

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Delivering a constant high level of service is our highest priority. Supplying valuable information about useful applications for our analysers, an excellent helpdesk and skilled service engineers guarantee problem-free operation of your analyser. Our products are available through local Thermo sales offices or through Interscience appointed dealers, to locate the dealer closest to you please visit our dealer page. If you have any questions about us or our products and services please contact us via +31(0)76/54.11.800.