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Permanent gases

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GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets

Permanent Gas Analyser

GAS offers you an easy to operate, fully automated, high quality permanent gas analyser which is suitable for the analysis of all permanent gases. As experienced professionals in our field, we are able to provide you with any analysis equipment you might require. Please send us your specification.

Turnkey permanent gas analyser and other ready to use equipment

The GAS permanent gas analyser is configured for the analysis of H2, N2, O2, CH4, CO, CO2 and C2 hydrocarbons. Other gasses are analysed as well on request. The permanent gas analyser is available on Thermo Trace 1300 GC and CompactGC. As such, GAS offers the solution for every specific need, from light hydrocarbon analysers to PIONA analysers. The standard features and benefits include, but are not limited to; backflush to vent off higher boiling compounds, optional hydrogen-helium and/or argon-oxygen separation, compliance with the requirements of ASTM D1946, D2504, D2505.

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GAS is the unique branding Interscience uses for its turnkey products for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Natural gas and Energy market. It’s based upon close cooperation with Thermo Scientific, acting as its Preferred Solution Partner in this field. Our products are available through local Thermo sales offices or through Interscience appointed dealers, to locate the dealer closest to you please visit our dealer page. If you have any questions about us or our products and services please contact us +31(0)765 411 800.