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  • Trace level analysis of permanent gases and light hydrocarbons, SiH4, NH3, SF6, CF4, HCl, Cl2, GeH4, N2O, Xe, Kr 
  • Supported Methods: ASTM D2504 and D2505
  • ppb level analysis
  • High Performance diaphragm valves with internal purge
  • Expandable with hydrocarbon channel




High Purity Gas Analyser/Trace Gas Analyser

The High Purity Analyser/Trace Gas Analyser with PDD/PDHID detector from GAS facilitates trace analysis of light gases. The High Purity Analyser/Trace Gas Analyser is a robust instrument and detects ppb concentration levels due to its high sensitive PDD/PDHID detector.

Expert knowledge about your High Purity Analyser/Trace Gas Analyser with PDD/PDHID detector

The success of ppb analysis with sensitive detectors like PDD strongly depends on the handling of the detector in the GC analyser. GAS has over 20 years of experience in providing the optimal GC configuration for this type of analysis. The result is an easy to handle and robust analyser that functions superbly at very low concentration levels. Standard features and benefits include; high performance diaphragm valves with internal purge, a backflush option, several applications available, meets ASTM D2504 and D2505. GAS offers far more than trace-gas analysis equipment; we invite you to visit our website to discover the range of products we have on offer.

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If you would like to receive a detailed application note about the High Purity Analyser/Trace Gas Analyser with PDD/PDHID detector, please give us a call at +31 (0)765 411 800. If you are seeking international contact information for your local GAS dealer, you will find it on our dealer page.