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Low Level Oxygenates

Trace 1300 GC


  • Sub ppm level analysis of oxygenated components in gaseous samples, LPG and liquids
  • Supported methods: ASTM D7423, D7754, UOP 960
  • Inert Deans column switching system with finger tight couplings
  • Flexible Instant Connect injector and detector
  • Can be combined with other standardised methods


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Low level oxygenates analyser lowox

The low level oxygenates analyser lowox from GAS offers fully automated turnkey analyses for oxygenated compounds. It is the right tool for analysing alcohols, aldehydes and esters in various refinery streams. Contact one of our official dealers for more information.

Turnkey low level oxygenates analyser lowox

GAS offers dedicated analysers for oxygenated compounds at low ppm level in gas and liquid samples. The presence of these components in hydrocarbon feedstock reduces catalyst lifetime, even at low ppm level. Analysis at low levels is also demanded by environmental requirements. The GAS low level oxygenates analysers comply with standardised methods ASTM D7423, D7754, and UOP 960. You can download the detailed application note for further information.

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If you have any questions about us or our the low level oxygenates analyser lowox of your choosing, please contact us at: +31(0)765 411 800. If you are looking for a GAS dealer near your company you can find the contact information on our dealer page. If you want more information on GAS turnkey analysers, such as our biogas analysers, please contact your local Thermo sales-office or one of our distributors in your area.