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Diesel fuel marker



  • Analysing new euromarker in diesel
  • AccutraceTM Plus (Butyl phenyl ether (BPE) / butoxybenzene)
  • 2D-GC/MS method offers high slectivity.
  • Robust analyser



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Analysis of ACCUTRACE™ Plus in diesel

GAS offers a high quality diesel marker analyser, based on 2D-GC/MS.

Robust and selective method using 2D-GC/MS

The European Commission has selected Dow ACCUTRACE™ Plus Fuel Marker as the new common fiscal marker for tax rebated fuels in the European Union (EU). The chemical name of ACCUTRACE™ Plus is butyl phenyl ether (BPE) or butoxybenzene. The decision to adopt a new fiscal marker, also known as Euromarker, aims to provide member states a safer, more resilient marker to support governments fuel fraud prevention programs.


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GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets