Impurities in Chlorine gas analyser

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CL₂ gas analyser



  • Analysis of H₂, O₂, N₂, CH₄, CO, CO₂ in chlorine gas
  • Highly corrosion resistant, long life time
  • All wetted parts in Dursan, Hastelloy-C and polymer
  • Suitable for dry and wet chlorine gas
  • Flush valve for extended lifetime
  • Benchtop or 19″ instrument


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Impurities in chlorine gas analyser

Chlorine is an extremely dangerous and poisonous gas due to its high oxidising potential. To avoid corrosion of the analyser, special precautions are mandatory. GAS offers an analyser that is manufactured with Hastelloy-C and polymer materials for all wetted parts. An extra flush valve minimises contact with the analyser for extended lifetime.

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