Narcotics by GC-VUV

VUV hands-on training

IS-X (Interscience expert centre) and GAS have developed an new application: identification and quantification of NPS (Narcotics and New Psychoactive Substances) using GC-VUV.

Due to local laws the identification of NPS has to be based on two different techniques in order to be used in prosecution. Currently the first technique of choice is Mass Spectrometry due to the wide availability of MS libraries, from which NIST is the best-known database. Identification based on molecular weight is a powerful tool to classify components but the shortcoming is the inability to distinctively differentiate between isomers. A secondary technique, usually based on spectral absorbance (e.g. IR or UV) is used for isomer identification. GC-VUV offers both separation power of a high-resolution column combined with the unique absorbance spectra for nearly any component.

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