With the December 2018 revelations that the dye used to carry out referee method ASTM D1319 for Jet Fuel analysis is no longer available; refineries and test labs are forced to look at alternatives for this analysis.  Have you made an informed decision on how you will replace ASTM D1319?  Are you concerned about the costs associated with moving to an alternative approach?

Recently ASTM D8267 was approved as a standard test method for jet fuel analysis.  This method runs on the VUV Analyzer™ Platform for Fuels and has significant advantages over the currently available options. ASTM D8267 is the Standard Test Method for the Determination of Saturated Hydrocarbon, Aromatic and Di-aromatic Content of Aviation Turbine Fuels using GC-VUV.  The VUV Analyzer Platform, which is currently used to run ASTM D8071 for gasoline analysis, and provide important details on accuracy, precision, and how laboratories can reduce analysis cost using this platform. Please CONTACT US for more information