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Diesel analyser VUV



  • ASTM D8368
  • Alternative to FIA (D1319), SFC (D5186), HPLC (D6591) and FTIR-ATR-PLS (D7321)
  • For diesel fuels and biodiesel blends
  • Mono-, di-, tri+, total aromatic content,
    total PAHs, FAME content B1 – B20
  • Unique unambiguous class identification by VUV adsorption spectroscopy


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Diesel analyser VUV

The GC-VUV Diesel analyser provides a unique solution for diesel and biodiesel fuels. VUV spectral information provides high-reliable identification, and offers a powerful technique for hydrocarbon characterisation of diesel, which is known for its large number of isomers.

Diesel analyser VUV ASTM D8368 for unique isomer identification

The GC-VUV Diesel analyser provides a turnkey solution, approved by international standard organisation ASTM. GC-VUV was already available for hydrocarbon samples up to C12: ASTM D8071 for PIONA and ASTM D8267 for aromatics in jet fuel. The scope is now widened to middle-distillate fuels like diesel. Please contact us or one of our dealers for the latest developments.

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