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Marine fuel oil

ISQ 1310


  • Supported method: ASTM D7845-13
  • Turn-key system, method included
  • Results better than ASTM D7845 requirements


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Marine bunker fuel analyser

GAS provides a Marine Fuel Oil analyser for measuring chemical species in marine bunker oil. GAS offers high-quality analytical equipment and aims for customer satisfaction. Delivering the best service is our highest priority.

Marine bunker fuel analyser: one of our reliable analysing solutions

GAS provides companies in the petrochemical and energy industries with reliable analyser solutions, such as our marine bunker fuel analyser which complies with ASTM D7845-13. This analyser offers a turnkey system which can determine the chemical species in marine fuel oil by multidimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Emissions from bunker fuel burning in ships contribute to air pollution levels in many port cities. Analysing marine bunker fuel helps owners meet marine fuel environmental regulatory compliance.

More information

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