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  • Robust and reliable alternative for ASTM D6839
  • Supported method: ASTM 8071
  • Less prone to error
  • Identification based on distinct UV spectra
  • Very reliable isomer classification
  • 30 min. analysis time



GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets

PIONA analysis by GC-VUV

The PIONA-VUV analyser from GAS offers complete analysis of Paraffins, Iso-paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes and Aromatic components in gasoline-range materials.

Improved and easy to operate PIONA analyser from GAS

The PIONA analyser can screen large numbers of gasoline samples like spark ignition fuels, providing fast and precise hydrocarbon characterisation for each carbon number up to C12. The GC-VUV method offers a number of advantages over the often used multidimensional method (like ASTM D6839). The single column analyser delivers full PIONA analysis, it has very stable performance, high uptimes and low operational costs compared to the multi-dimensional method. Easy method setup and maintenance.

GAS offers support to improve your results and workflow

GAS offers support for to improve your effeciency and has developed a wide range of services to support you with the PIONA analyser and other specialised equipment. These services include technical training, application support, demolab and training/courses. Delivering you a constant high level of service is our highest priority. Supplying you with valuable information about useful applications for our analysers, an excellent helpdesk and skilled service engineers guarantee problem-free operation of your analyser.

Where to purchase our products

Our products are available through local Thermo sales offices or through Interscience appointed dealers. Please visit our dealer page or call us at +31(0)76/54.11.800; our employees will be happy to help you find the equipment you need.