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  • Boiling point characterisation of petroleum products, lube oil and crude oil
  • Supported methods: ASTM D3710, D2887, D5307, D5399, D5442 D6352, D7096, D7169, D7213, D7500, DIN 51435, 51581, EN 15199-1,2&3, IP 406, 480, 507, 545, ISO 3924, 5442
  • Simdist Calculator software: integrated software module in Chromeleon datasystem, provides reliable and user friendly workflow
  • Split injector, PTV and On-Column injector available
  • Modular Instant Connect injector and detector
  • Crude Oil analyser merges data of DHA Front End and HT Simdist


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Simdist Analysers

Our Simdist analysers are based on Trace GC 1300 from Thermo, a company that is famous for its highly regarded injection techniques. A Simdist analyser by GAS is applicable to all petroleum products, lube and crude oil.

Simdist calculation package and many options.

The On-Column injector in our simdist analyser offers fully quantitative analysis up to C130. Our software covers all international standard methods, including DHA Front End Merge. An analytical package with columns, standards and reference samples is also included.  Our Simdist calculation package is part of Chromeleon data system, offering a very transparent workflow. International standard methods ASTM D3710, D2887, D5307, D6352, D5480, D6417 MOV, D7500, D7096, D7169, IP507 and  DIN 51581 are covered.

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