Natural Gas Analyser

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  • Analysis of C1-C20, O2, N2, CO2, H2S, He, H2 in Natural Gas
  • Supported methods:  GPA 2261, 2177, 2186, 2286, ISO 6974, 6975, ASTM          D1945, D1946, D7833-14
  • Calorific Value calculation integrated in Chromatography Data System
  • Expandable with channels for low sulphur components and condensates


GAS – Reliable analyser solutions for the Petrochemical, Energy, Chemical and Environmental markets

Natural Gas Analysers

Natural gas analysers are used in many different configurations, from single valve/detector instruments to complex multi-channel analysers. GAS offers the optimal solution for your specific analysis needs. Our analysers comply with international standardised methods.

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