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LPG analyser

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  • For hydrocarbons, sulphur components and oxygenates in Liquified Petroleum Gases
  • Supported methods: ASTM D2163, D2712, D4424, D5303, D5504, D6159, D6228, IP 264/72, 405, CD/96/97, ISO 7941
  • Sample Securitiser for High laboratory safety (ATEX, Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • Vaporiser option available when gas injection is preferred


GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets

LPG Analyser

A high-quality LPG analyser to determinate composition and impurities in liquid petroleum gas is offered by our company. GAS is the unique branding Interscience uses for its turnkey products for the Petroleum Refinery, Chemical and Environmental market. It is based upon close cooperation with Thermo Scientific, acting as its Preferred Solution Partner in this field. The analysers we manufacture are of the very highest quality, often made exactly to measure according to our clients’ needs. Read on to discover why GAS analysers are so highly sought after.

LPG analyser and a complete portfolio of services

GAS aims for customer satisfaction. Providing not only the hardware, such as an LPG analyser or other refinery gas analysers, but also a complete portfolio of services such as technical training, application support, demolab and various courses. Delivering you a constant high level of service is our highest priority.

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Supplying valuable information about our applications, an excellent helpdesk and skilled service engineers guarantees problem-free operation. For more information about our products and services please visit our dealer page, or call us at +31(0)765 411 800. If you would like a quotation, you can contact our friendly staff through the same channels.