High Speed Refinery Gas Analysers

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Fast RGA


  • Analysis of permanent gases (including helium and hydrogen), hydrocarbons (C1-C5, C6+) and H2S.
  • Supported methods: UOP 539, DIN 51666, ASTM D2163, D2505, D7833
  • Optional 4th channel for low sulphur or oxygenates
  • Hydrocarbon calculation package available (integrated in Chromatography Data System)

Flash RGA


  • Analysis of permanent gases (including helium and hydrogen), hydrocarbons (C1-C5, C6+) and H2S.
  • Meets international standard UOP 539, DIN 51666, ASTM D2163, D2505, D7833
  • Fast: runtime 200 seconds
  • 19″ footprint
  • Including calculation of carbon content and heating value


GAS – Solutions for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets

Refinery Gas Analysers

The Refinery Gas Analyser from GAS is a versatile instrument that provides fast and reliable results. Results to control the quality of your products, reduce the risk of accidents and contaminated gases, and generally improve the efficiency of you process.

Reliable RGA for a broad range of sample types and a short runtime

GAS provides high quality analysing equipment, like our RGA. GAS has over 20 years of experience in providing the optimal configuration for this type of analysis. This experience led to the development of our RGA, which is available in different versions, and can be combined with other standardised methods in a single instrument.  As a result, this efficient analyser is able to measure a wide range of components in a short runtime. Our products are available through local GAS appointed dealers, to locate the dealer closest to you please visit our dealer page.

How can we help you to improve your business?

At GAS you will find experts at work. Experts who are available to assist you in choosing the right testing and analysing equipment for your company. Feel free to contact us and further inquire about our products and additional services on our dealer page, or call +31(0)76/54.11.800.

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