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Sample conditioning

& selection


GAS offers custom made inlet options for accurate transfer, conditioning and injection of gas and liquid samples. Specific sample situations often require tailor made adaptations for keeping the sample in the original state and obtaining correct quantitative results.

The picture shows a collection system with 32 sample loops for fast sampling during an experiment. The samples are analysed one by one afterwards, allowing a complex GC separation with long runtime. 

Please find here the application note, or contact us for more information.

Dealer training

Breda, The Netherlands

Medical Technology

GAS organises a dealer training for sales and technical professionals. We offer a parallel program for:

– Sales representatives: October 3-5

– Support engineers: October 3-6

Location: GAS premisis, Breda, The Netherlands.

Please contact us for the programme or other information.

H2S, COS, arsine & phosphine in ethlyene & propylene

VUV hands-on training

GAS recently installed an analyser at SGS The Netherlands B.V. Vlissingen for sub-ppb levels of H2S, COS, arsine & phosphine in ethylene & propylene.    

Results were obtained in cooperation with Mr. K. Spaas and Mr. J. Verkuil, who are kindly thanked for their permission for publication.

You can find the application note here

Analysis of pyrolysis oil from plastic waste by GC-VUV

VUV hands-on training

 The conversion of waste streams into a useable material through a recycling process is a hot topic. Waste plastics are converted in pyrolysis oil and used as cracker feedstock. Known analysis methods like PIONA and DHA can analyse up to C14, while pyrolysis oils range from C4-C32. Hence new methodology is required to fully characterise the hydrocarbon composition. The standardised GC-VUV method for PIONA was therefore extended to include the quantification of pyrolysis oils.

Find more information on PIONA analysis by GC-VUV or contact us for further information on this specific application






hands-on training

VUV hands-on training

IS-X, the Interscience Xpert center organises a one-day hands-on training on GC-VUV to learn more about the unique possibilities of VUV detection. You can bring your own sample.


– Theory of VUV detection

– The power of deconvolution

– Method development vs standardisation

– Group type reporting

– VUV possibilities

Please click here for more information (Dutch) or contact us

Information on VUV applications:

PIONA analysis

VHA: DHA replacement

Aromatics in jet fuel

Diesel analysis

Aromatics in jet fuel



Please find more information here


Fast DHA

Cargo container ship

GAS recently updated the DHA calculator software, raising accuracy and user experience to an even higher level. Extra database filters are added to cover a wider range of sample types, and database management has improved flexibility.  DHA calculations are fully integrated in Chromeleon datasystem

Please find more information here


Fast natural gas & biogas analysis

Fast Natural Gas & Biogas analysis

GAS offers fast natural gas and biogas analysis using CompactGC in only 2 minutes.

Please click here for more information on natural gas analysis or

here for more information on biogas analysis, and download the application note.

Biodiesel analyser

Cargo container ship

GAS offers efficient biodiesel analysis with 3 separate analysis channels for glycerides, fatty acids and methanol. Triplus RSH autosampler provides fully automated sample injection and on-line sample preparation, including transesterification of fatty acids (FAME).

Please find more information here

Light hydrocarbon analyser


Detailed analysis of C1-C6 (and heavier) hydrocarbons is very common in various application fields. Please have a look and download the latest application note. 

Silane purity analyser

Oxygenates analysers

GAS recently installed a Silane purity analyser. Silane – SiH4 – is used in the semiconductor industry, in production of glass fibers and coatings, and has an important rol in polymer production. The measured impurities are permanent gases like H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO and CO2 at low ppb levels. SiH4 is extreme flammable, therefore special care is taken in handling the matrix peak. Please contact us for more information.




VUV hands-on training

IS-X (Interscience expert centre) and GAS have developed an new application: identification and quantification of NPS (Narcotics and New Psychoactive Substances) using GC-VUV.

Due to local laws the identification of NPS has to be based on two different techniques in order to be used in prosecution. Currently the first technique of choice is Mass Spectrometry due to the wide availability of MS libraries, from which NIST is the best-known database. Identification based on molecular weight is a powerful tool to classify components but the shortcoming is the inability to distinctively differentiate between isomers. A secondary technique, usually based on spectral absorbance (e.g. IR or UV) is used for isomer identification. GC-VUV offers both separation power of a high-resolution column combined with the unique absorbance spectra for nearly any component.

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Arsine & phosphine in ethylene & propylene

Trace 1300

GAS provides a highly sensitive analyser for arsine and phosphine in ethylene and propylene. This instrument is based on GC-MS with Advanced Electron Impact source (AEI) for extreme low detection limits below 1 ppb.

Find more information here, and download the latest application note.

Marine fuel oil / bunker oil analyser

Cargo container ship

Burning of marine fuel oil (or bunker fuel) in ships results in emissions that contribute to air pollution levels in many port cities. Analysing marine bunker fuel helps owners meet marine fuel environmental regulatory compliance.

GAS provides a highly robust en sensitive analyser based on GC-MS according to ASTM D7845.

Please find more information here


Programmable oven for CompactGC


Our successful CompactGC4.0 is now available with programmable oven, expanding the application range to higher boiling components.

This application note shows more information

Oxygenates analysers:

high and low levels.

Oxygenates analysers

GAS offers oxygenates analysers from sub-ppm to high % levels.

Click here for more information about low level oxygenates analysis according to ASTM D7423, D7754 and UOP 960.

Click here for information on oxygenates analysers following standardised methods ASTM D4815 and EN 13132.





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